[THE] Weekly Mini-Projects: Kitchen

Remember when we thought quarantine would last for only a few weeks? And how our 14 Day Mini-Edit (which then extended to 28 days) was supposed to keep us busy and distracted until our kids were sent back to school and Starbucks was open again?

HAHAHAHAHA. Not even close. At this point, we don’t even know what day it is. What *is* time anyway? What is it like to hug a friend? Is it normal to have dreams about hand sanitizer? How many weeks away am I from cutting my own hair?

We’re already running out of things to watch on Netflix, which means it’s time for another round of organizing projects. This time, we’ll be highlighting a different space every week, taking a deep dive into the more specific items that live there.

Up first? The kitchen. Since it tends to be the hub of the household, every drawer and cabinet should be considered valuable real estate. Use it wisely to simplify your life and streamline your *entire* family’s routine. (Oh, and good news: All kitchen storage is up to 25% off right now at The Container Store!)

1. In a freezer, narrow bins and wire dividers keep items like frozen meat, bags of veggies, and boxed meals contained and easy to spot.

Nesting pots and pans on top of each other might *seem* like a space-saving solution but can make accessing them a nightmare from hell. Storing them upright between dividers makes it easy for you to grab what you need, and only what you need.

Storing spices in matching jars isn’t purely aesthetics. The uniformity helps to maximize space, whether that’s on a turntable or propped up in a drawer. For the finishing touch, add custom labels (which you order here in THE shop!)

Keurig and Nespresso pods are the perfect size for drawer storage. Take advantage of every inch with expandable drawer dividers. This also works well for tea packets and creamers.

Too many dishes, not enough storage space? Look no further than risers to create a custom shelving solution without the help of a contractor.

Who says the pantry is just for food? Take advantage of unused floor space with large bins for storing your back stock items, lunch boxes, etc.

Larger appliances can also be stored in the pantry to free up your kitchen cabinets and counters.

Deep kitchen drawers make the perfect snack station. Store your favorites in lidded canisters so they stay fresh and accessible.

Free up valuable drawer space by utilizing stackable bins (or shoe boxes!) for your seasonal table settings or party supplies and store in a cabinet you don’t frequently access.

Next week, we’ll be covering the playroom and what to do with all the toys that are currently taking over your entire house and driving you to the brink of insanity. So yeah…stay tuned.


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  1. How do you deal with expiration dates? It’s just my husband and so things like pancake mix don’t get used up by the expiration date so I’m reluctant to put it in a canister- any suggestions?

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