[THE] 14-Day Mini Edit

It’s getting real out there, y’all. Anxiety is at an all-time high, toilet paper is sold out, and we’ve considered selling our wedding rings for a bottle of hand sanitizer. 

Now that most of us are stuck at home (or should be), the question is what are we going to do at home? 

Well, one thing is for sure: We have zero guilt about letting our kids spend the next few weeks eating snacks and playing with their iPad if it means they are happy and healthy. 

As for us, we’ll be doing the thing that calms us the most: Organizing. Maybe we can’t control what’s going on in the outside world, but we can create some peace in order in our own homes. Even if you’re new to organizing, it can help you, too. 

With that said, YOU MUST START SMALL. The last thing you need is to be feeling overwhelmed. Which is why we put together a 14-Day Mini Edit as a roadmap to calm vibes and long-term organizational success.

But before we get there, let’s go over the editing steps you must take when tackling any project, big or small: 

1. Take everything out of the space you’re organizing (and we mean everything). 

2. Create groupings by placing like items together so you can see what you’re dealing with. 

3. Pare down your belongings, getting rid of anything you no longer use or just don’t like. 

A proper edit is the only way to fully assess your space and the items it needs to accommodate. If you opt-out, you’re basically just moving clutter back and forth—which is a total waste of your time. We don’t want that for you, so just listen to us, okay?

Let’s get started…

Day 1: Update Your Fridge

Nothing is more satisfying than an organized fridge. Start by tossing those old leftovers, checking every expiration date (including condiments), and wiping down the shelves. Next, group your remaining items into categories (Dairy, Meat / Poultry, Veggies, Fruit, Snacks, etc.) Each category should have it’s own designated zone in the fridge, contained in clear bins or containers and labeled clearly. 

Day 2: Check Your Pantry

There’s an exception to every rule. In this case, don’t clear off the shelves, just check expiration dates (including spices and oils!) Pantries can be overwhelming and tedious to reassemble, so we’re starting slow here. Once you remove all the items that don’t belong, you’ll have a better sense of the system you need when the time comes. 

Day 3: Tackle a Drawer

Pick a drawer, any drawer—but preferably one that you use on a regular basis. Drawers are a manageable project that will give you a bite-sized win and streamline your routine. Use individual inserts in various sizes to contain your categories, testing multiple configurations to come up with the smartest solution for the space. 

Day 4: Stop Ignoring Under-The-Sink

Most people neglect the space under the kitchen sink. But honestly? Its feelings are hurt. It never wanted to be a cave of cleaning products in the first place but yet here we are. Clear bins and turntables will offer functional solutions for containing your categories and keeping them accessible.

Day 5: Get First-Aid Ready

There’s no better time than now to edit your medicine cabinet. Check every expiration date and take inventory of what you have or need. Store these items in labeled bins and turntables, categorizing by symptom or if it’s for kids or adults. It’s a win-win: A de-cluttered space and the security of knowing you are covered in case of an emergency.

Day 6: Maximize Your Closet Space

Similar to the pantry, we aren’t suggesting that you tackle your entire closet right this second. Instead, choose one category that can use some paring down. Whether it’s your jean collection or a drawer full of old t-shirts, tossing or donating the items you no longer want or need will maximize space for what you do. 

Day 7: Simplify Your Purse

Toss all the trash (receipts, wrappers, etc.) and group the rest into broad categories (wallet items, technology, cosmetics, etc.) Using clear or color-coded pouches to contain these items allows you to grab what you need without having to dig within a dark purse. If you change purses often or switch out your items regularly, store pre-made pouch kits for various occasions, such as travel or workday, and switch out when necessary.

Day 8: Color-Code Your Phone

Luckily, you can do this project while sitting on the couch! Start with a simple background so that the color coordination pops on the screen. Next, combine apps that have similar colors and tones to create color-coded folders. If an app has more than one color in its design, just pick the color that is most dominant and sort it accordingly. Title each new folder with your favorite emoji in that same color scheme as the apps. Within each folder, place the most commonly used apps at the very top for easy access. From this point on, you’ll never stare at your phone looking for Google Maps or Postmates again! 

Day 9: Edit Your Inbox

Start by purging anything you no longer need and unsubscribing to any newsletter or promotional content that is clogging up your inbox. Then set up folders for your general categories (Work, Family, Travel, Etc.) and use filters so emails go straight to the inbox they belong in. From there, you can also prioritize these emails into categories that signal action such as Reply or Waiting For Reply so you don’t miss anything.

Day 10: Streamline Your Beauty Routine

In each category, go ahead and toss any product that is damaged or expired. Next, look for any duplicates and set those aside to toss or give to a friend. As for the remaining items, it’s judgment day. Although you may think you need five lipsticks in the same color, it’s only taking up valuable real estate for products that you need regular access to. 

Day 11: ROYGBIV Your Bookshelf

Is your space feeling a little…blah? Look no further than Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Displaying items in rainbow order creates a visual flow that naturally clicks with the brain. Not only will it be faster to find what you’re looking for, but you’ll know where to put it away. This is especially the case for kids and can inspire them creatively. 

Day 12: Create a Drop Station

Take stock of all the items that enter and exit your home on a daily basis. This may include shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets, and after-school activity items like ballet shoes or soccer cleats—but every family is different. These items can be hung or stored in an open bin, what matters is that your kids can access them when necessary. Not only will this system leave clutter at the door, but it will hold everyone accountable for their space. 

Day 13: Tame Your Cords

Electronics such as printers, computers, or phones come with a lot of connected cords. Using a cord wrap to collect them together helps keep everything streamlined and less cluttered. We also suggest adding cord labels to your power strip, which will prevent you from turning off your wifi when you just meant to unplug a lamp. 

Day 14: Give Yourself a Gold Star

You deserve it. Now you’ll be able to take the confidence and knowledge you’ve gained from these past 14 days and apply it to a much larger project.

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This service is conducted 100% online through email correspondence at the beginning and end of the project, a complete set of instructions for placement, and a suggested shopping list for products (which can all be purchased online through The Container Store, Canadian Tire, and John Lewis & Partners). Get inquiries and book here today!


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  1. This is absolutely amazing. You literally organized my life. Thank you. I’ll tag you in my projects 🥰

  2. Please tell me the best way to store winter wraps, ponchos and heavy sweaters. Fold or hang or what? They seem so bulky! Help

    1. Hi Christina,

      We love hearing that! If you end up tackling any of the projects, post on social and tag us – we’d love to see!

      Clea + Joanna

  3. Love this and love a list I can check off as I go along. My only 😳 is the ROYGBIV bookshelf which goes against every fiber of my alpha by author library being. It does look pretty though. 😀 Thanks for the organizing/cleaning inspiration!

    1. Hi Nicole!

      We’re obviously partial to ROYGBIV but alphabetical order works, too! 🙂

      Clea + Joanna

  4. Omgggg this is so good and kind of you to share!! Especially to those of us too far away from you to contract your amazing services!!! ❤️ Immensely appreciated 🙏🏼

    1. Hi Catherine! Thank you so much for your support. Don’t forget that we offer a virtual DIY service! It’s done completely online – including email correspondence at the beginning and end of the project, a complete set of instructions for placement, and a suggested shopping list for products. We’re offering $75 off right now – here’s the link:

      We’d love to help you out!

      Xo, Clea + Joanna

  5. That’s amazing, ladies!!! I live in Milan so you maybe know this is one of the worst places in the world right now, we’re locked at home since last Sunday. So, i immensely appreciate this guide that ‘s going to help me in the next two weeks.
    Keep yourself safe!!!!!
    Lots of love from Italy, hoping to be able to welcome back the world, soon.

    1. Hi Marina! We are thinking of you and sending our love. Organizing helps calm us – and we hope that it brings some peace to you, too.

      Xo, Clea + Joanna

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Try it! It’s like a breath of fresh air – trust us, you won’t regret it.

      Clea + Joanna

  6. What containers do you recommend for storing onions, potatoes and squash. I’m in Canada so please include a brand name so I can try and find the container in my local stores.

  7. Hi! Remember that you can donate the items you plan to get rid of. For instance, your gently worn shoes can be donated to Soles4Souls. S4S gets the shoes to entrepreneurs (mostly women) in developing countries who can sell them to launch their own businesses and support their families. Zappos will even ship your donated shoes for free! Great way to be charitable during this time. 🙂

    1. We love this idea, Ashley! We’re all about donating items. Do you mind posting the S4S link in the comments?

      Xo, Clea + Joanna

  8. Hi ladies we live in NYC and overnight my my husband and I have to work from home and public schools just closed so my kids will be taught from home. I need to get ASAP some kind of upright stacked storage (on wheels preferably so we can wheel it to the rooms we need it in) where my kids can store their school folders and notebooks. I need to order this now for us to be organized but also because it’s hard to know if at some point they will stop deliveries from getting to us here or if retailers will run out as so many people are now at home. I know how busy you all are but would deeply appreciate any suggestions for what I should get. Hoping you are all keeping healthy and safe! With gratitude, Elana Kilkenny (mom to a 9 and 13 year old)

  9. I love your book! I do really well until I get to the “leftovers” extras or products (mostly) that I use and will use but have too many of. I have such a hard time throwing or giving it away because I can always use them in the future when I run out! Especially travel size products! Help! I end up with bins and baskets of “extras!

  10. Hi, I’m from Mexico City, is it possible to have virtual diy service?
    Also for the shopping?

    Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon

    1. Hi Andrea,

      It is! Our online diy package includes email correspondence at the beginning and end of the project, a complete set of instructions for placement, and a suggested shopping list for products. Here is the link to get started:

      We’re looking forward to working with you!

      Clea + Joanna

  11. I love yall so much! Love the book. Random, don’t you have a promo code we can use for first time purchases on your items with container store? Thanks for being great! Rachel

  12. Such a good idea… my sewing room needs mega cleaning organizing… but to be honest… it would probably take the rest of the year to do! LoL… but maybe just a drawer or cabinet at a time would work. Thanks for the idea

  13. Hi!! 🙂 I have a problem befuddling me that I think ya’ll might have a good solution to! My boys share a bathroom with a pedestal sink. (16 and 13)…and its a little..hmm tight in there. They each seem to have some “stuff” now that they want access to – I was wondering if I could find something that looks decent to have a a small tower on the left and tower on the right where they can each put their “every day” bathroom stuff. Any ideas? I should probably attach a pic. anywho – love ya’lls stuff! 🙂 thank you

  14. Hi! We found your show on Netflicks & enjoy your tips. I am wondering if you know of or use a house inventory app? Something that might use bar codes, pictures & labels? It would be very helpful for back stock items, & pantry organization besides saving $ on spendinh. spending

  15. I’m about to move and I will have a huge new craft room/ classroom and I’ve picked up so many ides from you both. I’m off to the container store lol

  16. I saw you for the first time on Netflix. I hate my kitchen….. I try to organize but fail everytime. It’s like walking into that brick wall over and over.

  17. Hello I have watched your shoe like hundereds of times and i was wondering so I like somewhere in canada and i was wondering can you go and see our mess well ima ask my parents bc our house is a MESS do you have any tips for us?

  18. I am your biggest fan. I watched your Netflix series and I organized my entire room after that. I bought your book “THE: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals”. I love looking at all the projects that you do and the outcome of them. Thanks for introducing my new favorite hobby!

  19. Love this !so perfect! Please advice the best storage solution for vegetables like onions/potatoes etc in the pantry?

  20. We have extra-deep built in bookshelves (19”) in what was intended to be our library when we built our house (but has since turned into my husband’s office/a storage room). I’ve been “un-storaging” the room with some heavy editing, but am at a loss as to how best to use the space the bookshelves provide. Would you suggest bins behind the books?? Two rows of books?? Not using that space??

  21. I was just wondering how you decide what you keep. I have a hard time with deciding with what I want & need. I collect art toys & figures & my apartment is covered with it. I adore each piece in my collection but there are some figures that I could get rid of, I think, but I have a love for. I’m just really stuck.

  22. How do you organized 1000’s of loose old pictures. By the way I do have some in photo books…Help!

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