THE Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day

It should come as no surprise that we love Valentine’s Day. It involves two of our favorite things—candy and champagne—and we couldn’t be more grateful.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, we’re back with another gift edit. It’s a mix of things we think your husband will love, your kids will love, and most importantly—that you will love.


For those who think candy isn’t a treat, it’s a legitimate food group.

Sugarfina Conversation Candy Cubes | $30

The candy comes in a set of four, which easily passes as a set of three just in case you get a pre-gifting craving.

Chocolate Candy Bar Maker | $36

Imagine Joanna’s children waking up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, only to see their mother crouched over this DIY situation.

Candy Is Magic Cookbook | $24

The key is to gift this book to someone who will make you a recipe as a thank you.

Godiva Heart Chocolate Set | $14

We’re here for the packaging.

Anchor Glass Jar | $17

The perfect addition to a kitchen counter—especially when filled with their favorite candy.

Fresh Candy Lip Treatment | $24

Smells like candy, but calorie-free. Also, super moisturizing!

Chocolate Understands Socks | $4

It’s true. Chocolate is therapy.

Lovestruck Chocolate Set | $56

I mean, there’s a chocolate shaped like a champagne bottle. The best of both worlds.


Setting the bar low enough that we almost trip over it.

Ouai Anti-Frizz Sheets | $18

Dry plane air can cause unsightly frizz. These sheets are easy to travel with and come packaged individually so you can toss after using.

WiFi Password T-Shirt | $10

True love shares bandwidth, xoxo.

Insulated Bottle Case | $20

Keeps a bottle cold and contained…and clips to a bag. Sold.

Heart Jersey Robe | $38

We’ll take a set of two, thanks!

The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals

Our book also includes pre-made refrigerator labels in THE signature font…which means less effort on your part. Preorder it here!

Coffee Snob Mug | $10

If coffee doesn’t match PANTONE 15-1040, it’s not coffee.

Weighted Blanket | $68

These blankets are known to ease anxiety and also a great excuse to never leave your bed.

World’s Smallest Vacuum | $15

Valentine’s Day is notorious for a confetti and glitter catastrophe at any given moment. Stay equipped.


A no-glitter guarantee.

Heart Shaped Plate | $6.50

Makes for a perfect candy dish or dessert plate.

Olive Leaf Wreath | $20

There’s also a garland for an entryway or staircase.

Mini Wood Letter Board | $6

The best part? It can be re-purposed for Christmas and 4th of July.

Pom Pom Garland | $6

Minimal, yet festive.

XO Garland | $22


Modern Love Marquee Sign | $63

Neutral enough to be displayed all year round.

Neon Heart Sign | $12

Another decor piece that could be displayed all year round—specifically as a pop of color in a playroom or little girl’s room.

Valentine’s Plates | $20

Nothing better than a stackable matching set.


Our favorite trained chanteuse.

Satin Stripe Pajamas | $50

An ensemble for an impeccably luxorious sleep.

Portable Air Purifier | $99

It’s always a cold until it’s full-blown typhoid, which is why it’s best to purify on the go.

Diptyque Rose Scented Candle Set | $72

An on-brand scent.

Mr. & Mrs. Muse Vase | $98

A vase that doubles as a chic place to store wigs.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket | $149

This throw looks and feels more expensive than the price tag. Truly.

Silk Sleep Mask | $50

The luxury way of saying “do not disturb.”

Chanel Rouge Intense Lip Color | $37

A finishing touch to any ensemble.

Kate Spade Cat Eye Sunglasses | $187

When the glow of a spotlight cast upon you is too bright.


Until then, we drink caffeine.

Champagne Dish Towel | $24

Make drying dishes more enjoyable, one glass of bubbly at a time.

Wine Snob Stemless Glass | $10

A subtle message.

Wine Valentine T-Shirt | $15

Another subtle, but at times necessary, message.

Sugarfina Rose Candy Set | $50

A great way to “rosé all day” without the hangover.  

Gym & Tonic Sip Bottle | $12

It’s not about what you do at the gym, it just matters that you went.

Cocktail Cup & Saucer | $24

I’d actually go to this tea party.

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne

#notsponsored #justobsessed

Champagne Socks | $4

No explanation needed.


We’d like to think that having a wife like us is a gift in itself, but an extra token of our appreciation never hurts.

Patagonia Packable Rain Jacket | $129

This jacket folds into a packable square, making it space efficient for travel. (Also for guilting your husband into going to Starbucks in the rain because you bought him a rain jacket and don’t feel like going outside.)

Noise Masking Sleep Buds | $249

Great for travel, screaming children, and if their wife is constantly booking 6am flights.

Pair of Thieves Sock Set | $15

There’s romance in this fashionable necessity.

Brita Filter Water Bottle | $25

Giving the gift of clean water and less plastic waste is a true love language.

Sugarfina Flask & Candy Set | $42

Because nothing is manlier than eating gummy bears that taste like bourbon.

Luckiest Guy Mug | $15

In case your husband needs a reminder.

Native Union Lighting USB Charger | $35

The real gift is that this charger doesn’t get tangled.

Travel 7-Piece Shoe Cleaning Kit | $20

Not only will he have clean shoes while traveling, they’ll be clean when he returns home.


Surprise your kids with someone practical or sentimental. In other words, something that won’t add clutter to the playroom.

Kid’s Baking Kit | $18

The key to making store-bought cake mix look more impressive.

PB Kids Heart Backpack | $26

This cascading heart print also comes as a lunchbox and insulated water bottle.

So Loved Wall Art | $60

The typography and metallic gold is a sleek and stylized update to a kids room…with a sweet message!

Rocket Mailbox Kit | $5

A gift for everyone involved. Your kids get to bring a Valentine’s Day card box to school that’s not a shoebox, while you avoid a glitter and glue disaster.

Fun Heart Sweater | $55

A cute way to bring the ROYGBIV appreciation to our future generations.

Superhero Valentines | $12.50

A card that doubles as a toy, what more can you ask for?

Love Duffel Tote | $58

It doesn’t have wheels but…it is soft enough to double as a travel pillow.

So Awesome Book | $10

This mini book is filled with prompts to let your kids know how awesome they are. Store on their bookshelf to read as a reminder.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Xo, Clea + Joanna

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