[THE] Mother’s Day Gift Guide

There’s something about being a mother in a pandemic that makes you wish you had someone there to mother *you*.

I really miss my mom right now. Joanna misses her mom, too. Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away and we’d love nothing more than to celebrate with them and leave our kids with our husbands.

Obviously, that’s not possible. So in the meantime, we’ll have to settle for whatever the virtual equivalent of holding their hand from across the table at Sugarfish is. Oh right, there isn’t one.

Buying myself a gift while buying my mother a gift should help. If you share a similar sentiment, here is a gift guide to show your love and appreciation to the mother who deserves it:

THE “Schitty” Mom:

THE “Quarantine Homeschool” Mom:

THE “Trying to Work From Home” Mom:

THE “Caffeine Until Cocktail Hour” Mom:

THE “Could Use a Spa Day” Mom:

THE “Cleaning Counts as Cardio” Mom:

THE “Sentimental” Mom:

Happy Mother’s Day!


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