Get Organized with [THE] Home Edit Trailer!

Mark your calendars, y’all! Only a few more weeks until our show, Get Organized with The Home Edit releases on Netflix (September 9th), and we are *so* thrilled to share the full trailer with you!

Not going to lie, this show pairs *very* well with candy or champagne…so take your pick! Or even better, choose both! We’re giving you the perfect excuse: It just so happens that September 9th, our release date, is also National “Do Nothing But Watch Netflix, Eat Snacks, and Drink Champagne” Day. How convenient!

As you can see, get ready for a lot of laughs…and a lot of us awkwardly crying on camera. Filming this show was the adventure of a lifetime. Truly, such an unbelievable experience. Thank you to everyone involved, including all of the people who support us.

We love y’all.


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  1. I just finished watching ALL your available shows on Netflix…. I am so hooked!

    I would love to see solutions for freezer drawers. There is a small pull out freezer drawer but basically the rest is a pit.

  2. I casually found your show on Netflix at approximately 11pm on September 11th. I’m obsessed with order so the trailer appealed to me. I started watching, fell asleep watching it, continued watching it the next day, finished the series, and restarted it to watch again. I’ve made all my friends watch it, although in all fairness, only the OCD ones really get it. BUT my OCD friends ( including myself) agree that it’s liken to porn for the organized obsessed human. Since then, I’ve ordered all the books and I can’t wait until they arrive……. just checked and they’re arriving tomorrow 👏🏼
    Hurry up and make a second season. I’m anxiously biting my nails with the anticipation.

  3. 😱 omg this show is better than I thought. my two daughters love 💕 it and can’t keep their eyes off the TV. I wish you guys will come in San Francisco but I know you guys come to LA. You made me but some trays and your book 📚.

    Thanks 🙏🏼,

  4. I would be so grateful for ideas on paper organizing for the ADHD brain. I am pretty good at purging and organizing clothes, the kitchen and bathrooms, but when it comes to paper I get overwhelmed very easily.

    Am enjoying your show on Netflix! Congrats on your success!

    1. Hi Pam – we suggest either digitizing your documents by scanning them and organizing them on a hard drive (it’s easier to search for them that way!) OR categorizing your papers and filing them away per category in separate Stockholm Boxes. It’s a lot easier to keep on top of the paper clutter this way since it takes less effort-just make sure to label everything! ❤️ Xo

  5. I just watched every episode of your show! Your skills and style are so amazing. What an inspiration! I can’t wait to incorporate all these awesome ideas in my home. Feeling the need for lots of containers stat! Thank-you!

  6. I just finished watching all the shows!! Love it and so does my 9 year old daughter ❤️❤️.. you guys are such an inspiration and I’m ready to try to get organized – I need to go shopping for those clear containers you guys have !!! Oh and to organize by color – Thanks 😊

  7. Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed the show and having organised many a classroom as you do a home I never even considered doing it for myself in my chaotic house with a young family having just emigrated to Canada!! I have nearly finished all rooms -only a week after binge watching the series and what a difference to our lives. Just many thanks.

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