THE Product Line is FINALLY Here!

You guys, it’s finally happening. Our product line with iDesign is officially on sale at The Container Store, nationwide and online! We’ve been anxiously waiting for this day for what seems like an eternity, and we *cannot* wait for you to use them in real life!

We created this product line because we NEEDED certain items that just didn’t exist, or could’ve been improved. So we worked with iDesign to bring products to life that provide the maximum amount of flexibility and organizing options. Everything is stackable, removable, multi-purpose, and basically makes us cry with happiness.

Brace yourselves for magic—because these products are a real game-changer.


This turntable is a new spin on a classic staple. It’s 9″, which makes it perfect for smaller spaces like a pantry or bathroom cabinet. We use turntables to store everything from spices, seasoning packs, and condiments to craft supplies and bath necessities.


Our version of the divided turntable has dividers that are removable. Sometimes dividers help, and sometimes they limit what you can fit—this way it’s the best of both worlds! There’s also a removable cup that comes with it.


This double turntable is FINALLY tall enough to accommodate large items on the bottom rung.


Or what Joanna likes to call “bin university.” These all-purpose bins are another spin on a classic item, we just wanted them to be slightly better! They are more functional with the option to stack each size on top of each other—and they slide! This allows you to slide a small on the large to leave room for tall items.


The large bin *also* has a removable divider, because we NEED options and it’s too complicated to be in a committed marriage to a bin divider.


We are *so* excited about this drawer unit! You can stack the drawers into a tower or you can stack an open bin on top for taller items if you need height.


We are also very excited about the baby bins that fit into these mama bins. The bin organizers also work in a drawer or can live side-by-side on a shelf. It’s basically endless hours of entertainment. If your kids want something to play with, hand them these. You’re welcome.


Finally, an expandable shelf that actually FITS things and looks beautiful. Why did this not exist before? People don’t only store small soup cans and spices. We could never fit large cans and nothing is more frustrating than not being able to store crushed tomatoes!


These shelf dividers aren’t just for stacks of sweaters. They can hold anything from towels to handbags on a shelf. We designed them so the dividers can seamlessly disappear, rather than look bulky.


These canisters aren’t just for the kitchen, you can store anything from art supplies to bath necessities. Plus, they fit on T.H.E expandable shelf, which is so satisfying!


We’re all about a crystal clear design. Now instead of the traditional metal hooks, our S-hooks match all of our bins and keep items like handbags upright and free from damage.


We love our entire product line but we have to be honest, these labels are the ultimate game-changer. It was no easy feat making these, but we insisted and as Joanna says, “it was a label of love.” Just like our client labels, these premade labels are crystal clear with bright white ink, easily removable, and leave no residue.

We tried to cover every area of the house (pantry, kids spaces, closet, bath/laundry, kitchen/fridge, and storage/cleaning), but if you don’t find what you’re looking for or prefer black to white ink, you can order them custom on THE site.

Xo, Clea + Joanna

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  1. Hi! I work in a retail store (Soko & Co) in Perth, Western Australia, and I think we’d LOVE to stock the new THE range! We already stock a lot of iDesign products and they’re some of our best sellers! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

  2. How about a container (my favorite word)) that keeps fresh herbs, like basil, from getting black, soggy and wrinkled?

    1. Just an aside comment, Elise, re basil. Basil does not like cold. It keeps a very long time on the counter in a cup of water that just covers the stems, not the leaves.

  3. The medium canisters and the All Purpose Deep bBn with dividers are not available to order at The Container Store. Is there somewhere else I can order these from? Thx

  4. I see lots of plastic, but I love your products. Any consideration to use recycled plastic versus virgin? Once that happens I will be a customer!

    1. Hi Cynthia! ❤️ Thank you for your comment, we totally understand. We’re actually debuting a wood and glass collection in 2021…we’re just doing the final tweaks! Stay tuned! xo

  5. What are your favorite hangers? I want all one kind of hanger in my closet. Sick to death of the cheap white plastic ones.

  6. I have beautiful garage closet. Q.Do i need to place toilet paper/ laundry detergents/ napkins/ paper towels etc what’ are the benefits or should store items like this in bins or leave them out in line? What and why?thanks
    I am an organized freak!

  7. I love your show and am an avid organizer since I could crawl. Can you tell me which product you used to store DVD’s or CD’s? It was in the “leisure lounge” episode.
    Thank you.

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