NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH! [THE] x iDesign Kitchen Collection

After months and months of keeping it a secret, the day is finally here! Our NEW Kitchen Collection with iDesign is NOW available for sale, exclusively at The Container Store!

Fridges and pantries are some of our favorite spaces to organize, so adding kitchen-specific solutions to our product line only seemed natural.

The key highlight of this collection is that it is *completely* modular. This allows you to take advantage of your shelf space in the best possible way, to provide efficiency in your daily routine, and keep your food items visible and fresh.

So, let’s get right into it, shall we?!

[the] fridge:

Most counter-depth fridges have a 12″ depth—so we matched those measurements to create the perfect fit. Depending on your needs, any of these products can be mixed, matched, and stacked with one another!

[ THE ] Large Divided Fridge Bin

A new spin on our original Divided Bin! It can be used with or without the divider and lid for sorting items such as small jars, yogurts, fruit cups, beverages, and more!

[ THE ] Divided Freezer Bin

We also created an 8″ depth version of the Divided Bin that’s better suited for freezers. The removable divider is perfect for sorting your bags of frozen fruits and veggies, boxed frozen meals, meats, ice cream containers, popsicles, and more!

[ THE ] Divided Fridge Drawer

Fridges are notorious for not having enough drawer storage, so why not create your own? These drawers are a complete game-changer for grab-and-go efficiency.

[ THE ] Small Fridge Bin

If you’d rather forgo the divider and store your categories completely separate, we have you covered! This small fridge bin is a perfect 6″, which allows you to double them up, front to back, and stack for modular storage.

[ THE ] Berry Bins

Available in two sizes: Large (12″) and Small (6″). Each bin includes a removable drainage tray to keep moisture away from produce, preserving the freshness of any fruit. The tray can also double as a colander for easy rinsing.

[ THE ] Narrow Fridge Bin

The slim dimensions make this bin perfect for containing bags of leftovers, snack pouches, and any other small category.

[ THE ] Produce Bin

Each bin includes a removable drainage tray to keep moisture away and preserve freshness. And let’s be honest: You are more *way* more likely to eat your veggies and keep them from going bad when they are visible and stacked in ROYGBIV.

[ THE ] Egg Bin

Who says egg storage can’t be beautiful? This bin allows you to check your stock at a glance, with a removable tray that holds up to 15 eggs.

[ the ] pantry:

For our pantry collection, we took some of our classic favorites and added a fresh new spin!

[ THE ] Narrow Pantry Bin

These narrow bins are perfect for tight shelf space, especially in a pantry cabinet! Use them to contain items such as mini-snack packs, bars, coffee pods, seasoning packs, etc. If needed, they also stack side by side on top of THE All-Purpose Bin.

[ THE ] Stacking Pantry Bin

We took our All-Purpose Bin and added a wide-open design for easy grab-and-go accessibility. Since both bins share the same dimensions, you have the option of stacking them to create a modular storage system.

[ THE ] Cereal Canister

Just like our classic Large Canister, but this time, we added a flip-up pour spout and a tapered handle for easy pouring. One air-tight canister fits up to two full standard-size boxes of cereal. It can also be used for storing grains or any dry item that requires pouring.

[ THE ] Pasta Canister

Once again, a new spin on our classic Large Canister! Except this time around, we increased the height measurements for upright storage of “taller” pasta such as spaghetti and lasagna, as well as any dry item bought in bulk.

[ THE ] Bin Clip

A crystal clear label deserves a crystal clear bin clip! Not just for the pantry, but in any space of the home. These clips fit on basically any bin or basket, and pair perfectly with our pre-made and custom labels. You can also write your own labels with a chalk marker, which can be wiped down for easy removal.

Hope y’all enjoy THE new Kitchen Collection and thank you for all the support! Don’t forget to snap a picture of your finished project and tag us on Instagram @thehomeedit—we’re ready to give all the gold stars. Love you, mean it.


clea + joanna

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    1. Hi Malena,

      So happy to hear. It’s a game-changer in our homes, too! Thank you so much for your support!

      Clea + Joanna

  1. Beautiful collection. I am really interested in buying but the container store doesn’t ship to Puerto Rico. Is there any other way of buying?

  2. Looks great. I have a standard smaller fridge with a top freezer, fridge on bottom . 2 shelves in freezer.
    Any recommendations on what I should get for freezer ? Also what do you recommend for meat

  3. So happy to finally have organizers for counter depth refrigerators! Next how about food storage that stacks with these!

  4. Love them!! Wish they could get them in stores in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area! My order is due in tomorrow-fingers crossed! But would love to be able to buy off the shelf!

  5. Me ajudem tenho uma cozinha e um quarto que estão totalmente desorganizados por favor me ajudem

  6. Hiiiii!! I’m a Montessori homeschool mom to 3 yr old twins in Puerto Rico and I’m just done watching ur show on a Netflix! I’m ready for season two!! Lol . I am looking to organize with some of these fun product pieces and but I am curious about how to receive them. The container store does not ship to the island. I am wondering if these will be available on Amazon or how we can find these items another way. I really want to organize my fridge and homeschool storage spaces with your product 😬 I practically cried when the container store said they don’t ship to any territories! ❤️

  7. I love love love THE, the way they organize, he’ll even their website is organized. I stay in Canada and I hope some day they reach here and I can have the opportunity to be a part of the team but till then I remain your fan.

  8. I’m so excited – just found the products at Canadian Tire in Canada! Loved the Netflix show – ordered all matching hangars for my walk in closet after the first show – love to organize!

  9. I would love to get my hands on these containers but we don’t have a The Container Store any where near us and you can’t buy online and have delivered. Hope you get them into Bed, Bath and Beyond soon so I can get a bunch of them. This really sucks.

  10. Due to Covid19, I had to pack more food in my freezer and to organize it so that I can easily see what items I have in the back of the freezer. I’ve tried many types of bins, but the divided fridge drawer is the most efficient solution. The only drawback is the drawer is too narrow at 6-3/4″ wide to fit most frozen items such as frozen dinners or meat packages. What I need is an 8″ wide drawer. Another brand (InterDesign) makes 8″ wide drawers, but they are too flimsy at half the thickness.

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