THE “Fresh Start February” Challenge: Day 15-22

Day 15: Edit Your Jewelry

Like paper clutter, no one is in the mood for a tangled necklace or a damaged heirloom. To organize jewelry is to protect it. We love using a product line called Stackers. They look like a leather case from the outside, but the inside is a velvet material with compartments to keep things safe. There’s a variety of colors and options to fit any aesthetic and need.

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Day 16: Tackle Your Tupperware

For starters, if something has a missing part, go ahead and toss it. Safe to say it’s gone forever! To avoid that situation in the future, we suggest storing lids separately. It might seem counterintuitive but it saves space being able to nest containers and store the lids filed vertically.

Day 17: Get First-Aid Ready

There’s no better time than now to edit your medicine cabinet. Check every expiration date and take inventory of what you have or need. Group by category and if possible, remove excess packaging for easy access. It also helps to add bin inserts or “baby bins” to subcategorize within a larger category.

Day 18: Edit Your Board Games

Just like food storage, it’s extremely common for board game pieces to go missing in action. Carve out some time to look through each box and purge any games with missing pieces. Transfer to a clear storage box if the original cardboard box is damaged.

Day 19: Create a Coffee Station

Setting up a morning ritual for caffeine doesn’t just make the day better, it makes the day possible. And setting up a station around this ritual makes it ALL THE MORE FUN. 

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Day 20: Create a Guest Kit

When you practically live in hotels as we do, you end up learning a few things about the art of hosting guests from being a guest. Like how much it means to arrive after a long flight to everything we need without having to ask for it. Create a “guest kit” that includes a mix of items that people tend to forget (toothbrush, phone charger) and also some that will make them feel more comfortable (lip balm, eye mask). Don’t forget to add a label so they know it’s there for them.

Day 21: Try a Tote Hanger

Large bulky tote bags can be the bane of our existence. We use them, we need them, but when it comes to storing them? Well, they can be bulky. This is where tote hangers come in! They maximize space, accessibility, and even allow you to create grab-and-go bags for multiple situations.

Day 22: Prep Your Packing List

Let’s talk travel essentials because we all have them. These are the items that would absolutely mess up your entire routine if you forgot to pack them, which no one wants. Schedule time today to create a list you can run through each time you’re preparing for a trip. It’s more helpful than you’d ever realize!

Happy organizing!

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xo, clea + joanna

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