[THE] Favorite (Internet) Things: Quarantine Edition

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens…

It’s Carole at Big Cat Rescue. Just kidding!!! It’s Clea and Joanna. (For real though: If y’all haven’t watched Tiger King on Netflix yet, PLEASE DO SO. It is absolutely insane and has honestly made these dark times seem more bearable.)

Yes, we’ll admit that we are struggling. Everything feels super intense and uncertain right now. But you know what helps? Not checking the news every five seconds. Virtual happy hours. Laughing at memes. Watching our favorite shows. *Trying* to learn TikTok.

As horrible as this situation is, the internet is serving an endless buffet of great content right now, and we need the distraction. Here is a recap of some of our favorite content (so far):

1. Ina Garten’s cocktail tutorial:

According to Ina, “It’s always cocktail hour in a crisis.” WHICH YES, THIS IS TRUE AND YES, THIS NEEDS TO BE ON A T-SHIRT IMMEDIATELY.

2. Sara Foster’s Tik Toks:

Alright, stop whatever you are doing. Sara Foster’s recent posts of herself sitting in the background while her *extremely* talented daughter performs trendy Tik Tok dances are EVERYTHING we needed and more.

3. Chrissy Teigen’s son as Joe Exotic:


4. This *very* relatable tweet:

5. Also this one…

6. This Homeschooling While Working From Home Bingo card:

Specifically B2: Daily Prayer of Apology at the alter you built to your kids’ teachers.

Credit: Kimberly Harrington | McSweeney’s

7. This fitness tutorial…

For any Will & Grace fans…you probably remember Karen’s rival, Beverley Leslie. Well, his actual name is Leslie Jordan and he’s doing the most on Instagram right now. IT IS GOLD.

8. Max Greenfield while homeschooling:

We *literally* have no words.

Okay, your turn! Tag us in *your* favorite things on the internet right now or just link them in the comments below. SERIOUSLY, WE ALL NEED IT!


clea + joanna

Jewelry organized in grey stackers tray

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  1. Netflix: Ozarks and The Kindness Diaries;

    Music: DNice and his DJ dance parties;

    Learning: SkillShare ( free for two months!) learn how to do cool stuff!

    Podcasts: Happier, Conan O’Brian Needs a Friend,
    Modern Love, MIndlove

    Book: Debby Harry’s Bio, Face It!

    Meditation apps: “Let’s Meditate; CALM”

    IGs: THE! “I LOVE DOG” needs to be on a shirt/hoodie/etc!

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