Find All of the Organizing Products From [THE] Netflix Show Here!

Episode 1

Reese Witherspoon’s Showroom:

Get THE Look:

Dr. Whitney’s Closet:

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Episode 2

Rachel Zoe’s Closet:

Get THE Look:

Edrickan’s Garage:

Get THE Look:

Episode 3

Khloe Kardashian’s Garage:

Get THE Look:

Jessica’s Bedroom:

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Episode 4

Eva Longoria’s Kids Closet:

Get THE Look:

The Owens’ Kitchen:

Get THE Look:

Episode 5

Retta’s Leisure Lounge:

Get THE Look:

The Reagan’s Home Office:

Get THE Look:

Episode 6

NPH & David Burtka’s Playroom:

Get THE Look:

Ali’s Kitchen:

Get THE Look:

Episode 7

Jordana Brewster’s Pantry/Fridge:

Get THE Look:

Get THE Look:

Venice Youth Center:

Get THE Look:

Episode 8

Kane Brown’s Pantry:

Get THE Look:

Quinn & Eli’s Bedroom:

Get THE Look:


clea + joanna

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin pose on a blue couch

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    1. Hi Wendy – yes, definitely!❤️ We *love* organizing sewing/craft rooms. We actually dedicated full chapters about them in both of our books! Xo

  1. I’ve learned so much from watching this show. The container store is going to be my BFF!

    I would like to see how you would organize under a bathroom cabinet.

  2. I love your netflix show and instagram. It’s so funny and relaxing. It would be a dream if you could come and do any room im my house.

  3. HI Ladies and the Fabulous THE team,

    I love your show and is so very inspirational to be very organised and glam the home. I was wondering if you can tell me where you purchased the stackable jewellery box you did on episode three for Jessica’s room.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Thank you for this list! I LOVE the show. Can you tell me what product was used to hold the greeting cards in Retta’s gift wrap cabinet?

    1. I like the show. it inspired me to organize my home. However, to get thing organized, you need to let go items you don’t use. I would like the show to emphasize that subject too. maybe a little snapshot how much thing you need to throw away in order to give some room for the remaining items to breath.

  5. Hi! What a joy to continue my organizing and decorating obsession with tips from you both!

    In Episode 3 for Jessica you had an acrylic coffee table in her room that I can not find! I love that it went all the way around and had the piece on the floor. I would love to know where you got it and get one! Thanks!

    1. Hi Bethany – we loved that table, too! Unfortunately, it was her table and we had nothing to do with it 🙁 If we happen to find, we’ll link in the comments below! Xo

  6. Love this show! In Jessica’s bedroom episode, where did the stackable jewelry tray organizer come from? It looked like faux leather on the outside and suede on the inside compartments.
    Thank you, in advance!

  7. The shelving listed here (Kloe’s Garage) is not the same that was used on the show. Much heavier than intermetro. Can you tell me where you got it?

  8. Hi there!
    I LOVE the work you guys do and I’m so excited to know that there’s a container store near me in Tampa!
    What do you guys recommend for baseball cap storage? I’ve tried the on the back of the door ones but it doesn’t work for me.
    Thank you!!

  9. Hello! After seeing your show on Netflix I was very happy and pleased to see that I am not the only one where being organized is a DREAM COME TRUE! I am still in the process of getting the rest of the house organized. Thank you.

    I am getting my book soon!

  10. Love your show, just got thru all episodes. I didn’t know there were people like me who love to organize. 🙂 can you tell me where you got the L-shaped desk in your office space. Thanks

  11. Hi Ladies. Love your show! I’m rearranging my son’s room and I need to find the perfect dresser. Can you tell me where I can find the white dresser from Eli & Quinn’s episode?
    Thanks in advance!

  12. I love what you did with every room that you organize. Your are amazing.
    I have a daughter with three kids ages 14, 5 and 2 her house is a disaster every single bedroom is a horrible mess.
    What can you do to help her. How much dose it cost to get it done. HELP PLEASE

  13. Hi THE Team!
    I am just finishing up watching your show on Netflix, it is so satisfying to see the beautifully organized spaces! I always try to save up $, find good deals on containers and do small organizing tasks when I can, but now I feel so inspired to really get some organizing done! (My hang-up has always been the EDITING part!) Thanks for the inspiration to EDIT so I can enjoy the things I use regularly! 💖 XO!

    1. When I saw the preview roll across Netflix I was excited. I have found my people!! I adore having controlled chaos. Good luck and well wishes.

  14. I am so in love with your show, I began using some of your techniques in my class. And wow love it. I can’t wait for more episodes!!!

  15. Any thoughts about organizing a double built in lazy Susan in a corner cabinet? I have an upper and lower corner cabinet.

  16. Hi. I loved watching season 1. I hope another season will be filmed. I live in a NYC 1 bedroom apartment and would love to store my dumbbells. I have 8 sets of weights ranging from 2 pounds to 25 pounds. I’d like to store them in the living room in something that looks nice. Any suggestions?

  17. I am completely obsessed with the show! I have binge watched it 3 times already!! I am moving into my new apartment this thursday and would love some guidance on getting organized! Im a single mom of 3 girls and its really hard to get anything started !!

  18. I absolutely loved watching your show and can’t wait for another season!! Could you share what “product” you like to use in dresser drawers? I have an IKEA dresser with pretty big drawers, but struggle keeping my undergarments drawer organized.

  19. Hello!! Love your show:) Wanted to see where I can find the Rainbow contact paper you guys used on episode 7 at the Venice Youth Center for the tables. Such a great idea!!

  20. I have been loving all your episodes of home organization! I am a public school teacher with 25 years teaching our districts youngest students with special needs. So many years come with it sooooo much stuff! These crazy pandemic times has been the ONLY time (besides summer, when I don’t really want to spent time in my classroom) that I have had time to organize! I zoom with my students in the morning, and then I have been tearing my closets apart during my afternoons. My problem is this… the closets in my 1950’s classroom are very, very deep, so maximizing that space is so challenging! I’m hoping you could possibly lend insight as to the most effective way to use my 6 closets (a few have shelf height of approximately 4 inches!) I am happy to provide dimensions if it would help. Again, just looking for suggestions and/or ideas. Thank you in advance.
    Sincerely, Beth Cruz

  21. Can’t stop watching your show! Could you please tell me if the rug that you put in Jessica‘s bedroom was hers or if you purchased it? And if you purchased it, where is it from? Thank you!

  22. I LOVE the rug you got for Jessica’s bedroom – the pinkish one – could you please share where you got that? I would love to find one for my office.

  23. Please Help
    I love your site and your shows!!
    I have a space of 4 shelves. The opening is 25 1/2 x 12.
    I can’t find storage baskets to Fit???? I’ve looked everywhere.
    What can you recommend?

  24. Where did you get the ombre rainbow contact paper you used on the tables at the Venice Youth Center?(episode 7)

    Thanks for your time!

  25. I LOVE the show and both books! I’d love to buy the cord organizers that say “that’s a wrap” and “all tied up” from page 85 but can not find them anywhere. Any suggestions??

  26. I am Obsessed with your show and with everything you guys accomplish <3 I'm really trying to see where in my new house I can apply things I've learned from your tips. One place I'm still struggling with figuring out what to do is in my walk-in closet. It's a blank slate, no shelves, no rods, nothing is there except one armoire that the previous owner left. I have a lot of clothes and shoes, I can't seem to piece together what will be the best use of space (especially because I need to have room for my fiance's clothes as well).

  27. Comforters, sheets, towels, wash cloths – HELP!
    Bedding: How many sets do you keep on hand above the number of beds in the home? Do you recommend changing out with seasons?
    Bathroom – how many sets to you keep on hand? Per person? Guests?
    Are you coming to the Charlotte area?
    Thanks for your guidance.

  28. I just bought a camper. Any ideas on how to organize the cabinets and drawers? There is a lot of large storage in the bedroom and kitchen but the kids bunk room doesn’t have much. Any ideas would be helpful.

  29. Where did you get the rainbow table cloth in the youth center episode? I went to do that in my kids play room!

  30. Where did you get the rainbow water proof table cloth in the youth center episode? I”m desperate to have it my kids play room!! I LOVE IT!

  31. Hi Clea! Where did you get the embroidered sweater you are wearing in episode 4( Eva Longoria’s closet)? I love the show so much!! Thank you!

  32. I am obsessed with the rainbow cover in the youth center for my kids playroom. Where did you get it?

  33. Need ideas for organizing fabric. I have straps and also yardage! Urgently I have it all stuffed in four large containers and can never find anything.

  34. Any tips on organizing a cake room , well a section in my kitchen dedicated to my cake supplies . Currently they are piled in boxes on the floor and look horrible .

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