[THE] Favorite Things: myQ-Connected Garage + Amazon Key

Being organized comes down to efficiency in your daily routine. And since many of us navigate an unpredictable schedule and use our Amazon Prime memberships to shop online for the items we need—making sure that every package can be tracked and delivered safely should be a top priority. 

At THE Homeroom (aka our Nashville office), our team gets Amazon packages delivered EVERY SINGLE DAY—from office supplies to surprise gifts we don’t want our friends or family finding in the house. Which is why we consider our delivery guy an integral part of THE team. His name is Tony, he’s wonderful, and we’re practically obsessed with him. 

If someone could be there every time Tony dropped off a package, we’d make it happen—but our schedules are all over the place. On any given day, the majority of THE employees are either traveling or on an organizing job, leaving no one there to accept deliveries. This is where the myQ Smart Garage Hub comes in handy! 

For the peace of mind of knowing our packages are safe inside, THE team introduced me and Joanna to Key by Amazon in-garage delivery service, which works exclusively with Chamberlain Group’s myQ  App, and when you link the myQ App to the Amazon Key App it allows the Amazon delivery driver to deliver packages inside your garage where it will be safe and secure until you get home.  You can even specify where in your garage you would like the packages to be placed. Click here to see if you are eligible for in-garage delivery when you connect the myQ App to the  Amazon Key App.

To get this efficient package delivery service, your garage will need to get myQ-connected with the myQ Smart Garage Hub.

If this sounds too tech-savvy for you, we thought so, too. But the team (who are just as #SurvivingNotThriving as we are) assured us that the set-up is easy and takes zero effort to use. Here’s what you need: 

  • myQ Smart Garage Hub: Chamberlain and LiftMaster make openers with myQ technology already built-in, but if you’re not in the market for a new garage door opener you can connect your existing garage with a myQSmart Garage Hub, which works with all leading brands of garage door openers. 
  • The myQ App downloaded on your smartphone

The app will lead you through the entire set-up process, so for the sake of the blog post, we won’t bore you with the technical details. Just know that it basically comes down to plugging things in, connecting to WiFi, pairing with your garage door opener, and mounting it to the ceiling.

Oh, and FOR THE BEST PART. It’s not just for deliveries, the Smart Garage Hub also comes in handy when someone loses their keys (yes, even organizers lose their keys! WE ARE HUMAN) or when someone second-guesses whether or not they closed the garage door the night. With the myQ App we can check the status of our garage door, plus open and close the garage door from our smartphone — no matter where we are.

It’s been a helpful purchase overall, which makes the myQ Smart Garage Hub one of THE favorite things. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who travels often, has a hectic schedule, or loses their keys. 

Thank you to THE team for this game-changing discovery! 

xo, clea and joanna

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