Clea’s House Tour: THE Downstairs

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might know by now that I’ve moved a lot. This is my third house in three years, but as the saying goes: Third time’s the charm, the fourth time is divorce. So I need to make this one last for a bit! And for that reason, when this house was being built I was VERY PARTICULAR. Every tile, countertop, light fixture, and paint color had to be selected under a magnifying glass because there are no backsies. Or so I thought… I definitely replaced every doorknob in the entire house already because it turns out I hated what I first picked. But hey, new doorknobs does not a divorce make, so I think I’m still in the clear.

So naturally, but the time the third house rolled around, the urgency for a house tour kind of fell by the wayside. With the first house, it was up in weeks. The second house, it was up within a few months. This time….well, I’ve been busy, okay? And better late than never!

Let’s start downstairs. Or as I like to call it, “the part of the house where I live.” My kids live upstairs and I find this household division really helps maintain our collective sanity. But we’ll get to their space in a bit.


When you first walk in, you can tell I am a big believer in the black and white color scheme. It’s not just for Instagram, folks. My whole downstairs is in grayscale and sorry, I’m not sorry.

The built-ins to the left and right have only black and white books, vintage cameras that belonged to my grandfather (my husband John, is a photographer so it ties in well), candles, and things I’ve collected over the years. My favorite element is a shadow box containing my grandmother’s iconic glasses. When she died, my mother had them framed for me as a Christmas gift (which is ironic since we are all Jewish).

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Some of you might have seen my living room in a previous blog post, or when I posted photos from Christmas (I SWEAR I AM JEWISH), but here it is again in full view. While I’d prefer everything to be only black and white, I allowed gray as an accent color. The thought of a white couch with two kids just felt…not smart. My favorite element of this room is my all marble fireplace in a chevron pattern. It was too beautiful to cover with a TV which is why the room is centered the way it is.

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Back to black and white! A few things I knew for sure I wanted with my kitchen (even though I don’t cook): A black island, waterfall countertop, and quartz counters since I have been burned by marble many times in the past. I did end up using marble counters in the spaces that get less traffic, but for the kitchen, I just didn’t want to risk it again. I also am not in the mood to divorce my husband for spilling something on the counter so this was the way to go. Another really great element about the kitchen is the way our architect designed windows above and below the cabinets. It allows for extra natural light and modernizes an otherwise fairly traditional kitchen.

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When it came time to design my pantry, I had a pretty clear idea of what it should look like. Broad open shelves that are at least 14 inches deep, with double doors (always nice for a reveal!), and I wanted it facing the windows so I could photograph it in natural light. The contractors were like, “I’m sorry what?” And I was like, “Oh, if you just go to our Instagram account you can see wh—” And then they lost immediate interest and just built it the way I asked.

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Easily my favorite room of the house. Also, easily the least used room in the house. Sometimes I stomp around the house yelling about how we never use it and why did we build this beautiful room that just goes to waste, and then my husband points out if we cooked dinner more at home maybe we would use it, and I pipe down pretty quickly. And the benefit of never really using the room is that the marble in my two buffets are pristine and not stained. Speaking of the buffets, I added shiplap and floating shelves to hold my entertaining pieces, china, and platters. I also added extra deep drawers and flanking cabinets for extra sets of dishes, placemats, silver, and allllllll the things we do not use whatsoever but still have in CASE we host a big dinner party.

The built-in bookshelves that separate the dining room from the kitchen and living room were ROYGBIVd to allow for a little pop of color in an otherwise colorless void. I’m a big believer that books and plants are the perfect – and most natural – color element to add in a home. I have no idea how to pick accent colors, so when I do, it’s either with greenery or a full rainbow.

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I hate laundry, but I love laundry rooms. I think they should be crisp and clean with functional storage. I ended up putting marble in here as well and almost had to move or burn the house down when liquid detergent left drop marks, but I shockingly held it together and did neither. Still really annoyed though. In addition to the marble counter top, I added two floating shelves (you will see throughout the house that I am not in the least bit afraid of open shelving and you shouldn’t be either) with bins of laundry supplies, room for paper towels, and stacking bins of manuals and household supplies on the top. I also added a wall rack to hold some additional supplies and hangers to air dry clothes. My favorite part is of course our custom Steele Canvas Laundry Cart. I opted for a black leather rim and our “laundry” stencil.

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I designed every closet in this house within an inch of its life. I had very specific measurements in mind for hanging rods, cubbies, and shelves. I am a contractor’s DREAM I tell you. For this closet, I wanted it to be part coats, part utility bins, part wellness and pharmacy, and part family shoe bins. That’s a lot to accomplish in not a huge space, but it really works and I love it. The only part that drives me nuts is that no one adheres to the number of shoe boxes CLEARLY provided, and then just leaves the extra shoes next to the closet. I’ve tried everything from nicely suggesting to threatening – but at the end of the day, I’ve accepted this is just not a battle I am going to win. So I just move all the shoes back into everyone’s closets myself while muttering under my breath like a completely normal and stable person.

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My favorite part of the guest room are the built-in bookshelves because they actually provide a lot of functionality in addition to the aesthetic. The room is on the small side (sorry, house guests, but I needed extra room in the master since I actually live here) so the shelves were designed to move around the accessories and open up the bottom shelves. The acrylic trays protect the paint so guests can use it for any of their items without fear of my wrath. My mother-in-law even sets up a makeup mirror and station and sits on the stool to get ready in the morning.

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The guest bathroom has its own linen closet, but I still liked the idea of a rolling cart and wall unit to hold extra towels, toilet paper, and personal items. I think it’s nice to display and also makes it clear that these items are for your guest’s use instead of tucking them away in the closet. For the design, I debated doing a wallpaper in here, but I decided a fun floor tile was more practical. This black and white tile is the inverse of the tile in the laundry room. It stayed within my color scheme and adds something a little extra to the space.

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I’m very minimal in my bedroom… I want it even more clutter-free than the rest of my house. No dresser, no TV, very little art. I think I just need as serene a space as possible to go to sleep since my days are so chaotic.

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My closet on the other hand… is packed. I have a lot of clothes, and a lot of shoes. I used to work in the fashion industry so I have a lot of remnants from my life before Lululemon. My husband thankfully doesn’t take-up much space so he’s allowed to have his items hang here too. Which might sound like the bare minimum, but when we lived in LA, his clothing lived in the guest room! So I’ve convinced him this is a big gain.

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I wanted my bathroom to feel light and bright, so it’s the only room in the entire house that has white windows instead of black windows. Since the marble has so many shades of gray, I thought gray cabinets would be appropriate paired with the white framed mirrors and counters. This house has a million closets (shocking), so while it has a proper linen closet, I wanted to use the bathroom built-ins as a backstock linen closet to display my best towels, bath salts, and candles. I have really good intentions about using those bath salts too. Some day.

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Coming soon… the upstairs and outdoors. And by soon I mean some time in 2019 I PROMISE. I tried to link as many things as possible, but if you have any questions just ask in the comments and I will try to add!

xo, Clea

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  1. Geez Louise, Clea! This is beautiful!
    You can tell that you thought through every detail. Lovely home! Thank you for sharing. (Also, my background is in newspaper writing — you have a great writing voice!)

  2. Where is the fiddle fig leaf from??? Please tell me it’s faux, I have a black thumb. Somehow I can keep 4 children alive, but not house plants. ?

  3. Hi Clea! Your house is absolutely stunning and I aspire to be this detailed with my organization 🙂 I love the acrylic shelf in your guest bath – it’s exactly what I’ve been searching for. I think it might be the wrong link, is it the CB2 peekaboo acrylic rolling two shelf? Thanks so much! xx

  4. Lovely! Thank you for the tour! Maybe you’ve mentioned before, but what color is the white paint you’ve used throughout your house?

  5. I am dying that the majority of your Instagram photos are beautiful and full of color, literally the rainbow, but your home is all black and white but again, STUNNING! Such and incredible contrast! Your home is amazing, thank you for sharing!

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing – your storytelling is brilliant! Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy 2019.

  7. Stunning!! I love the black & white palette and am especially loving the design of your kitchen.. the island, pendants.. all of it. I really like your master bedroom rug & the link goes to a different style – is it from west elm?

  8. beautiful!! the entry pendant, did you change the chain in the one you linked or is it a different light and if so, can you share the exact light? thanks for sharing!

  9. Where can I find the “Please Leave By 7” you had up on Instagram? I must have been living under a rock, but I just found you this morning after watching the Today Show and now I’m hooked! Trying to sell our house and I’m taking notes for our move! So creative and talented! #goals!!!

  10. Hi Clea! Your house is STUNNING. My husband and I are currently building our next house and I just wanted to know your opinion/advice on where to even start when it comes to organizing a brand new house. I want everything to get off on the right foot and I was wondering if you had any tips!

  11. I started following THE for your organizational skills, but I find myself craving my daily dose of Clea’s sarcastic humor.

    Love your house, love your humour, love THE!

  12. Beautiful work, beautiful home. Now for the silliest question in my never ending organizational quest.. What type of white marker do you use on the plastic bins in the closet and kitchen?

  13. Your home is stunning and so ‘en pointe’ for THE
    Thank you for sharing – it is inspiring and entertaining (but in a good way) ☺️?

  14. I love your home! I know this isn’t the focus of your post, but I absolutely love your wedding table number & frame combination! I’m getting married in May, and I just spent the last hour trying to find something similar online, do you have any recollection of where I could purchase something similar? I can’t believe google is failing me!

  15. I subscribed to your blog, thanks to Molly Sims’ new book. I love the way you share your ideas. I’m building our new house in the Caribbean (a simple yet beautiful house) and want to obtain fresh new look and ideas. Thank you – gracias ☺️

  16. Lovely home Clea, thank you for sharing and allowing us to see it. I’m obsessed. In not a creepy way lol. Loving your Netflix show. It has changed my way of thinking on how I can organize better. Thank you and Joanna. I just have to gather organizers from the container store. #Goals

    I binged watched your show on Netflix in 2 days! Truly inspiring and the OCD in me is ready to get started! Which of your books should I get first?

    Sending love & Aloha from Hawaii!

    1. Hi Cathy! ❤️ thank you so much for your support! Our first book is more of a room-by-room guide to organizing your home, while The Home Edit Life dives deeper into the *things* that make up your life…so you can start with either! xo

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