[THE] Tour of Clea’s Custom Closet

Welcome to my dream closet. Like, I actually had dreams about it. Wait, did I manifest this? 

If manifesting means going to The Container Store, and telling them those dreams in vivid detail so they can design and build you exactly what you imagined in your head… then yes I did. 

I said I, not we, because do you really think my husband, John, had any say in this? No, but he also doesn’t care enough either way. 

The installation process was also a dream. It was simple and thorough, and the installers didn’t get annoyed whenever I’d poke my head out from around the corner, just to check progress and scream with excitement. 

The Container Store has custom closets no matter your style or budget. I went with Laren for our space.

The main priority was to have as much negative space as possible so I could maximize it. For instance, being able to store jewelry under my sweaters, or create a drop spot for the purse and shoes I’m going to wear again that day. Negative space matters if you take advantage of it. 

The glass-front cabinets. I mean…I just can’t with the beauty. My mother always taught me to only store items you love in glass cabinets…and I listened. The glass drawer handles also send me to a place of “I can’t with the beauty” because look at the beauty! 

AND THE UPLIGHTING!! Every time I walk into my closet, I’m like wait, where am I? Is this boutique closed? Where is everyone?!

Valet rods make life easier, so I definitely made sure to add a few. Same with the pull-out hidden hamper. 

Weird fact: I’ve never had a full-length mirror in my closet…until now. And it’s actually the best because it’s hidden and rotates. 

I’m honestly so happy with the way my entire closet looks, thanks to The Container Store. If you want to see more of my closet tour and hear more details, head to my IGTV here!

xo, clea

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  1. Hi Clea, first of all, you and Joanna are great! Love the show and I’m anxiously waiting for the new season!
    I love organizing and fun ways to display things!
    Thank you for sharing your closet! It’s absolutely incredible!!! I like hanging everything too!
    We are waiting on zoning approval on some property to build our new dream home. Very exciting!! The meeting is July 20th! Fingers crossed!
    I currently share a large closet with my husband, but my dream is to have my own closet! What are the dimensions of your closet? Can you share a ball park of the cost? Do you have any other tips or advice on the planning?
    Thanks, Carol Albrecht

  2. I love it. and I love that is has the basket for dirty cloths in th drawers. so convenient and lovely!

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