[THE] Tips For Organizing Beauty Products

We’re not beauty bloggers, but we *do* know a thing or two about *organizing* beauty products.

It’s a waste of time having to sift through an overflowing makeup bag or a cabinet full of products you don’t even use. By creating functional systems that streamline your routine, you can avoid that unnecessary frustration.

The first step (per usual) is to remove every item you own and group them into categories. Next, go ahead and toss anything that looks old because, ew, bacteria. Any duplicates or products you never use should be on the chopping block. Just remember: If you keep them, they are only taking up space for the items you actually *do* use.

With a pared-down supply, choose storage solutions that make sense in your space and ensure that your daily products remain easily accessible.

In A Drawer:

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THE Bin Organizers

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5-Section Cosmetic Organizer

Clear 7-Section Makeup Tray

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Acrylic Drawer Organizers

Linus Storage Bins

Adjustable Drawer Dividers

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Acrylic 24-Section Lipstick Drawer Insert

Acrylic 7-Section Divided Palette Insert

On A Shelf:

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THE 2-Tier Turntable

THE 3-Tier Shelf

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THE Divided Turntable

Acrylic Shoe Boxes

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THE Bin Organizers

Acrylic Trays

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White Montauk Storage Bins

White Bin Clips

THE All-Purpose Deep Divided Bin

THE Bathroom Labels


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Clear Plastic Stackable Storage Bins

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Like-It Modular Drawers

THE Divided Turntable

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Like-It Modular Drawers

Like-It Modular Drawer Organizers

On A Countertop:

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THE Divided Turntable

THE 2-Tier Turntable

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Acrylic Makeup Storage Kit

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2-Tier Acrylic Tower

P.S. While we’re still on the topic, what are your favorite beauty product recommendations? Skincare, haircare, makeup, etc. We’re *always* in need so comment below!


clea + joanna

Jewelry organized in grey stackers trays

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  1. Just binge watched your entire show on netflix. I am a minimalist and an organization freak. I have a very small home and I’m always looking for more ways to utilize and incorporate new systems. Just wanted you guys and your team to know you are doing a spectacular job and the world is a better place with y’all in it.

  2. “Needles no more, No more baggage” by Dr. Brandt.
    Its a must for under eye circles and puffiness.

    On another note: Love love love what you guys do, I binged watched your show in 1 day (I hate to admit) and now have my step daughter and mom (and the sweet target lady) all glued to netflix as well. I’m crossing my fingers for more episodes soon!

    1. Melissa – thank you so much for your support…and also for your recommendation! We need all the help we can get for dark circles!😂 Xo

  3. I have four drawers 6X4 (2) 6X3(1) 6X4(1). I don’t wear a lot of makeup. Hair spray and mousse containers are too tall… leave them on the countertop???

    1. Hi Liz! It really just depends on the size on your countertop. You want to make sure you have enough space to get ready, etc. Another option is keeping them in your drawers laying down, separated and contained with drawer inserts. Xo

  4. I have so much space in my bathroom a bunch of shelf’s, under the sink, bathroom caddy, etc.
    I do not use a hole bunch of space. Do you have any recommendation what I should do with all this extra space?

  5. I thought I was organized and I hate having stuff I don’t use, but I am NOWHERE near this organized and I would love to be. It is all so overwhelming. Should I start with reading the book to gather information, then try to implement? I am sooo glad I found this show and I’ve gotten EVERYONE I know addicted! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Lisa – we fully believe that anyone can maintain an organized home, it all comes down to creating systems 🌈 ❤️ In our books, we break it down step-by-step and explain our process…so we definitely suggest it! Our advice is start small and it’s much more sustainable to break up your projects into bite-sized steps. You got this!! Xo

  6. You two are amazing!! Just wanted you to know that you have inspired this teacher to, not only organize my home, but my classroom as well. I started it today and my students are the best helpers!

    Yes, I binge watched your show, Get Organized, on Netflix then sprinted, no ran, to the Internet and researched your company, The Home Edit. I found your first show, Master the Mess, and binge watched those. I’ve read your blogs and ordered your books.

  7. You two are exceedingly inspiring! Yes! I’ve binge watched everything I could find! I’m completely overwhelmed after having 2 kids then going through an international adoption of 3 boys, then a serious auto accident. Another international adoption of 3 more kids, then my husband getting hit by a drunk driver. We’ve homeschooled for 23 years, with 5 left to go, and run a home office for our business. I used to be so much more organized, now there’s just so much. One step at a time, I’m ready…I think!

  8. Love your show!
    What should I do with flat iron and dryer in a drawer where I have make up and other things?
    What’s the best thing to do with their cables?
    Thank you very much!

  9. Oh my goodness! I loved watching your show on Netflix! I’ve been looking through your website and shopping getting ready to start on my kitchen and bathrooms!
    So, I do not sell this makeup… BUT I use it and it has saved me a LOT of space. I literally used to have bags full of makeup.
    Maskcara has been a life saver for both space and time.

  10. Hello from Spain. I discovered the show on netflix and I love it. Your projects are amazing. I live in a small flat, so it is difficult to fit everthing and mantain the house organized.
    I have a little doubt, Could you give a recommendation to how organize my 4 years old daughter´s headbands? It is impossible to keep them tidy, they are a real mess!!!

  11. Hello Clea and Joanna!

    Just finished the series today and now reading all your blogs while my husband watches. football.

    We just moved into a much smaller home and it has been challenging to find space for everything. I am much more confident that we can make it work seeing how you break items into categories and having the organizational tools to go with. I was overwhelmed but now feel excited!!

    You have to try Epionce Skin Care, you will love it!! Try a Renewal & Lytic product to start. You will notice a change in your in just a couple of weeks. Enjoy!

  12. My daughters have maybe 100 headbands. Do you have suggestions on how to organize them? I’m imagining by color would be beautiful but by what tool/organizers so they can easily be seen? They are a bit tricky with the solid bands. Thank you!

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