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Pantries have always been our favorite thing to organize – but a fridge, which is kind of a pantry’s cousin, can be just as fun. And the good news, is that an organized fridge is actually pretty simple to achieve.

1. CLEAN IT OUT // No really. Take every single thing out. It will give you the opportunity to toss any old food (you are not going to eat those leftovers, just get rid of them), check expiration dates, and wipe down all the shelves.

2. GROUP LIKE ITEMS // Once everything is emptied out of the fridge, create groupings: Dairy, Meat / Poultry, Veggies, Fruit, Snacks, etc.

3. ALLOCATE THE SPACE // Divide your fridge into zones to match the categories you created. Make sure to leave a spot for food storage containers and leftovers!

4. CONTAIN IT // Whether it’s with food storage or fridge bins, it’s always a good idea to have your items contained so they stay within their zone. Not only does it keep your fridge clean and uncluttered, but a defined space also helps you easily take stock of your items before heading to the grocery store.

5. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL // Labeling helps identify the contents of your drawer or bin, and also helps you easily put away groceries. Your husband will not put the lettuce where the eggs are supposed to go if you add an appropriate label. To add permanent labels, we recommend a paint marker. For labeling something like cook times or expiration dates, we suggest a chalk marker so that you can easily update.

The bottom line is an organized fridge requires discipline to maintain. You need to make the effort to put things back in their place, to not buy groceries you don’t need or use, and to throw out old items on a regular basis. If you can give your fridge a refresh every 2-3 months, it will always look as good as it did on day 1!


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  1. For rubbermaid and other solid containers, I used masking tape and black magic anker. Easy to remove. Doesn’t work on foil, so I put foil into a plastic bag and put label on bag. I keep all my frozen meat and fish in separate boxes. One for pork, fish, chicken, etc.

  2. Bin Question: Most fridge storage products are open bins or drawers that hang on the bottom of a shelf. Are there any open drawers that sit on the self? It’d be great to be able to pull out a drawer to see what’s lurking in the back or to line up all of the tall containers (e.g. milk) in an open drawer so you do have to pivot it over the items in front of it. Thanks!

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