[ THE ] contact info

GENERAL INQUIRIES // 615.647.9002 ✉ hello@thehomeedit.com

CLEA SHEARER //  clea@thehomeedit.com

JOANNA TEPLIN //  joanna@thehomeedit.com

[ THE ] story

Clea and Joanna are both California transplants, currently living in Nashville. Brought together by a mutual friend, it was friendship at first text, and business partnership immediately thereafter. The goal in starting The Home Edit was to reinvent traditional organizing, and merge it with design and interior styling. While every project is rooted in functional systems that can be maintained for the long term, there is just as much emphasis placed on transforming the space visually and adding their signature stylized aesthetic.  

[ THE ] founders

NAME: Clea Shearer

  • From: Los Angeles, California
  • Lived in: Los Angeles and New York
  • Lives in: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Kids names: Stella Blue & Sutton Gray
  • Alma Mater: Parsons School of Design
  • Guilty pleasure: Harry Potter (don't even feel guilty about it) and as many trips to Target as I can get away with
  • Pet peeve: Bad grammar, loud chewers, and horrible words like moist
  • Most chill: Champagne, duh
  • Biggest stress: Flying, and flying with Joanna

NAME: Joanna Teplin

  • From: Durham, North Carolina
  • Lived in: Chapel Hill, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Los Angeles
  • Lives in: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Kids names: Miles Reid & Marlowe Aerin
  • Alma Mater: UC Santa Barbara
  • Guilty pleasure: Drive-thru Starbucks and dark chocolate
  • Pet peeve: SO MANY WORDS... ditto on moist - no thank you
  • Most chill: Tea and sometimes hot water, hold the tea
  • Biggest stress: FLYING, thinking about flying, and being at the airport before a flight

[ THE ] favorite things

  • Coffee in the AM and Champagne in the PM
  • Black + White
  • Autumn + Spring
  • Morning walks
  • Hydrangeas
  • Good pens and new notebooks
  • Laughing until you're crying
  • Pumpkin flavored everything
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Yellow cake and chocolate frosting
  • Andy Cohen