Organizers can be pretty harsh when it comes to nostalgia. We preach endlessly about holding on to what you love, and letting go of the rest. Are those ticket stubs REALLY that special? And do you REALLY need to keep every piece of artwork your child brings home? In our own homes, we only keep artwork that involves a handprint or a holiday...

Our solution for storing special items has always been a single sentimental box for each person in the family. And recently we came across a new spin on that concept. A company called Savor developed a chic storage solution for keepsakes, and we are kind of obsessed. It has 2 versions: one for school aged children, and one for babies. They come in a set of two and have a variety of colors. 

The baby version has compartments for blankies, first teeth, locks of hair, or whatever else you want to include. It's a pretty genius way to store those tiny items that would otherwise get lost. The top drawers are going to have Sutton's first teeth and blankie (when he gives it up!) so I left those empty for now. 

The school years version comes with folders and sheets of stickers so that you can label accordingly. You don't have to use every label, just what applies to the items you're storing! 

My child has some hoarder tendencies and not only asked the tooth fairy to leave her tooth behind, but also asked her to leave the note behind. But now the tooth AND the note can be in their own "Tooth Fairy" folder, so we're all happy.

For all the items that aren't meant for folders, I still incorporated large sentimental boxes for each child, and one for art projects. 

Getting these systems set up at the start of the school year will make it so much easier to file everything away and not get overwhelmed by paper. THE shopping list is below! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments!


  1. Savor Keepsake Boxes
  2. Bigso Storage Boxes
  3. Sugar Paper Magazine holder



It's pretty well known how much we love organizing pantries. It's kind of our specialty... And whether you have a walk-in pantry, a small cabinet, or something in between - here are a few simple tips for achieving a photo-worthy result in your own home:

1. Think broad // If you keep your categories large (ie: A bin for "Dinner" items rather than "Beans and Rice") it will be much easier to organize, and much easier to maintain. Making your categories too narrow and too specific makes it hard to unpack groceries.. Too many items won't have a home and it becomes easy to just shove it in the wrong bin. 

2. Big bins // Make sure you have at least a few large bins for bulk items. You are bound to come home with a bag of chips at some point, and you want to make sure your bins can fit those items!

3. Add a few jars // If you're looking for an easy pantry makeover, limit yourself to just a few jars. Anything more than that requires a black belt in pantry maintenance. 

4. Keep it consistent // Make sure all your bins, jars, and supplies coordinate with each-other. If the product is too mis-matched, it starts to look messy.

5. Label, label, label // Labels are critical - we can't emphasize that enough! They add a layer of instructions that help you find what you're looking for, and guide you on where to put items away. We label everything by hand, but you can get an identical look by using THE pantry labels or THE custom labels on our shop page. 

Want more tips on a specific space? Let us know in the comments and we can work on it for next week! 



We've loved Joy for years. We read her blog, attempt her DIY projects (attempt being the key word), and buy every piece of Target merchandise she has designed. So when we had the opportunity to organize her home office, we knew we had to come up with something original, functional, and in keeping with her style.  

When we arrived at her house and surveyed the space, we realized this was as much a project for her husband as it was for her. It's where he kept office supplies, computer cables, and even his tool sets. It was also a multi-purpose space storing holiday decorations, family stationery, gifts, and photos.  Once we established all the categories, we piled everything into large groupings so we could clearly see the entire inventory. 

We had selected a wide variety of product that would help maximize the space and hold the large amount of categories. The only roadblock was fitting everything on the narrow shelving. Some of the shelves were bigger, but the majority didn't accommodate the bins we had purchased. So when in doubt.....turn the bin to the side. We used these great white bins from Target, and paired them with an undermount wire shelf that would take advantage of the height. 


The larger shelves were able to fit these great rainbow stacking drawers that held all the stationery, cards, and crafts perfectly. For all the photos and sentimental items, we used white archival boxes that we labeled in gold ink. 

One of the most important items in the office is the set of cameras that both Joy, and her husband use. But one of our favorite camera sets actually belong to her little girls Ruby and Coco. They are the most perfect pink and white Polaroids that look good enough to eat. We found small mint containers that fit the drawers perfectly and kept all the cameras and parts contained.  

it was so much fun setting up Joy's office and spending time with her family. Ruby got her own jar of paper clips, Bob got a box for his vintage 3D camera, and Coco had to be locked out at all times so she didn't scale the shelves. Can't wait to see these guys again!


1. Bigso white archival boxes

2. Under shelf basket

3. White perforated bins

4. Rainbow drawer units (the exact ones we used aren't available online, but these are really similar if you can't find a local Container Store.) 

5. Mint quarter-size bins

6. Women's high heel shoe boxes

7. Accessory boxes

8. Polaroid sticky note holder

9. Assorted jar of clips  

If you have any questions about the space, leave a comment or send us an email!



Laura Lea Goldberg is the kind of person you immediately want to be friends with. She is funny, loves Taylor Swift, and makes you healthy smoothies and popsicles when you walk into her house. She also has a dog named Jolene and a cat named Ironman. And the cat's a girl. So when she asked us to organize her kitchen and pantry, we jumped at the change to solidify our best friend status for life. 

There were a few important factors we had to keep in mind with this project:
1) Laura Lea is a chef (her site has insane recipes:  www.llbalanced.com) so functionality is paramount. Certain drawers needed her every-day tools, spices had to be in an arms reach, and pantry ingredients had to be clearly labeled and accessible. 
2) She often films cooking segments in her kitchen. So once we accomplished the functional aspects, we had to ensure it was a stunning show-stopper as well. NO PRESSURE. 

Since her kitchen is warm and inviting, we wanted to continue the pops of color and highlight earthy elements like plants and spices. 


We also wanted to create the pantry of Laura Lea's dreams. Okay, our dreams too. And dreams always start by lining up hand-written jars of nuts and lentils. For materials, we carried through the earthy vibe of the kitchen and added jars with wooden lids, and trays with wooden interiors. 

Interior spaces are just as important as the open spaces, so all the drawers and cabinets received The Home Edit touch as well. This cabinet has a "his" section for coffee, a "hers" section for tea, and a shelf for supplements, vitamins, and pharmacy items. 

Most people neglect the space under the kitchen sink. But it doesn't have to be a cave of cleaning products. Adding in the right supplies makes it functional, and almost kind-of pretty? That caddy of sponges tho. 

And we've never left a kitchen without tidying up a junk-drawer. You just need to utilize the right combination of supplies, and everything stays in-tact and contained. Tip: If the inserts don't fit the drawer exactly, use one of the items to fill the gap (like this lighter).  


That's a wrap on this gorgeous space! If you have any requests for upcoming spaces, or questions about this one, let us know in the comments!