You guys!! The podcast we recorded for Young House Love is up on iTunes! We chatted with them for over an hour (because we had SO much to talk about and group vacations to plan), but somehow they managed to edit us down into an intelligible segment! The entire podcast is linked below, but here is the Cliffs Notes version:

  • I (Clea) grew up in LA and know some celebrities, but do NOT know Amal Clooney which really upsets Joanna and she thinks I should just try harder. 
  • We organized 2 of GP's homes and live for her. 
  • Biggest organizing mistake: YOU CANNOT TAKE SHORTCUTS
  • Biggest conundrum: The organizing process results in a huge mess! It's the only way to put it back in proper order. 
  • Biggest organizing to-do: Group like-items together 
  • No one needs 11 face creams
  • Mantra: You get the item or the space, but not both. Decide the value of the item versus the value of negative space, and let that guide your decision whether to keep or purge. 
  • Correct products are game changers. Incorrect products are just mo' products, mo' problems. 
  • 3 shopping tricks: Take measurements; Make yourself a list; Overbuy and return
  • Best way to get your feet wet: Always start with a drawer.
  • Best pantry hack: Back stock bins for overflow.
  • General pantry categories will keep you from pantry paralysis. 
  • Setup systems around your habits instead of trying to adapt your habits to new systems. 
  • Lose the packaging whenever possible.
  • We earn the least fun mom award every time. 
  • Stella will probably not be working for The Home Edit when she grows up.  
  • We're kind of a lot. 




1. Divided Turntable

The Divided Turntable is one of the most versatile products, and can be used all over the house. It's our go-to item for creative a caddy, and we use it in a playroom for art supplies, tea and coffee in the kitchen, cleaning supplies in the laundry room, and pharmacy and first aid in the bathroom. 

2. Natural Baskets

Storage baskets are an essential staple for every room. A seagrass basket compliments all styles of home decor, and neatly contains your odds-and-ends. 

3. Huggable Hangers

The single best thing you can do to transform your closet, is to use a good set of hangers and toss anything mismatched. Your clothes will be properly cared for, and your closet will look refined and polished. 


Big thank you to John and Sherry for including us in their show, and being some of our favorite online friends! 

XO, C + J


When Target asked us to be their official Home Organizing Experts, we looked like a pair of wide-eyed emojis. To say it was our dream come true doesn't appropriately describe the situation. Should we modify our logo to add a bullseye? Did we need to change our colors to red and white instead of black and white? Are we moving to Minneapolis? Whatever they wanted us to do, we were on board. 

As a new member of the Target family, our duties include doing what we do best: Provide Target's guests with advice, tips, and tricks for organizing all aspects of the home. Our first mission was to help navigate the summer moving season.

Considering how many times we have both moved in recent years, this felt like the perfect project! And while, we understand moving is stressful for a variety of reasons... it's also exciting, and can be fun. All it takes is some advance prep, methodically packing and unpacking, and then trips to Target to organize your new home!  

Walk through each room in your home and open every cabinet, closet, and drawer. Take a look a careful look at your items and determine whether it's something you still use, you still like, or you still want to keep for sentimental reasons. Purge or donate anything that falls outside of those categories so that you move into your new home with a clean slate, and a fresh start. Everything you pack, and unpack, should be items you value and worthy of your effort. 

Getting organized at your current home before moving to your new home isn't a mandatory step, but it is helpful. Whenever possible, we encourage people to start the organization process by grouping cleaning supplies into bins, drawer contents into inserts, clothing onto proper hangers, etc. It makes the packing and unpacking process much more efficient if you already your items are already utilizing proper supplies!

Pack-up each room separately and don't mix random items into your boxes. Assign each box with a number and carefully label the contents on the outside. Keep a master list of the boxes to easily keep track of your items throughout the moving process. 

Unpacking is different from organizing, so don't feel pressure to do both at the same time! The goal is to remove all the cardboard boxes, and get everything into the correct area of the home. Once you are unpacked, you can better assess how much space you have for your items, and what supplies you need to get organized. 

We're biased, but this is the FUN PART! The most important thing to remember, is to pace yourself and not bite off more than you can chew at once. We always suggest starting with something like a drawer to avoid getting overwhelmed! Once you have taken careful measurements of the space, head to Target to stock-up on supplies. Pro tip: Buy a variety of options and more than you think you need! You can always repurpose supplies in another room or return what you don't use. 

Here are some room-by-room examples!


Using functional, durable, and easy-to-clean bins helps keep your items contained and your pantry neat and organized. Don't forget to add a label! Labels are the key to long term maintenance since they act as a set of instructions for the household. 

Product List:
Y-Weave Storage Basket
Woven Storage Bin
Bin Labels
Sharpie Markers



Whether you're organizing bathroom products, kitchen utensils, or a junk drawer, using inserts are the best way to keep your categories separate and sorted. 

Product List:
Junk Drawer Tray
Modular Drawer Inserts


The single best thing you can do for your closet, is to switch out every hanger for a space saving slimline version. And depending on the size of your new closet, you can add bins for accessories, additional shoe storage, and even a free-standing garment rack for extra long-hang storage. 

Product List:
Huggable Hangers
13-inch Storage Cubes
Shoe Rack
Garment Rack
Wood Milk Crate
Rectangular Wood Milk Crate
Chalk Marker


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Whether you have a linen closet, or a bathroom cart holding towels and toilet paper, you can add baskets to hold extra bath and beauty products! We also suggest a larger basket for hair tools that can be placed on a shelf, under the sink, or even directly on the floor. 

Product List:
Wire Milk Crate with Copper Handles
Seagrass Divided Basket
Small Seagrass Basket
Round Seagrass Basket
Large round Woven Bin
White Storage Cart

[ KIDS ] 

Let your kids help you set-up their new room! Including them in the  process will help them understand the systems, and be more likely to maintain them for the long term. 

Product List: 
Wood Milk Crate
Chalk Marker


Some items are best stored so they don't take up your home's valuable real estate. Designate which items to keep in your garage, attic, or even on the top shelf of a closet, and transfer them to stackable storage bins. Add a label (have we driven home the point of labeling yet?) for easy identification! 

Product List:
66 qt Storage Totes
16 qt Storage Totes
28 qt Storage Totes
Sharpie Markers
Dry Erase Tape

Whether you're planning a move, or are already moved into your new  home - we want you to ENJOY the experience! Moving is a milestone (take it from us... we have moved a lot!), so make it fun, and appreciate the moment. Plus, moving means MORE TARGET TRIPS which we count as a big win. We also count it as cardio, but we are experts in organizing, not fitness...

To see ALL of our moving  solutions and product picks, head to Target.com

xo, THE