When we were asked by our bestie over at Love and Lion (if you don't follow them on Instagram, you should. They are so talented it makes us feel like pathetic wastes of space on a daily basis) to help with her closet makeover, we decided we had to bring in the big guns. 

First off, we knew that Chasing Paper was the PERFECT partner for this project, and that their Peonies print would put it over the top. Since our ONLY talents have to do with organizing, we needed something that would be simple to install, forgiving when we inevitably made a mistake, and would look incredible when we were done. And here it is.. the perfect white and gold, peony print wall. 

STUNNING, right? They have a million incredible prints so you should definitely check them out. 

The next stop was the shop. Along with the organization supplies listed below, we had to stock up on some decorative elements that would provide a pop of gold, and some functional storage on Leah's new vanity. Target to the rescue, obviously. We picked up this great ring holder,  table-top mirror, and canisters

Once we had all the product in-hand, we went to work on the organizing. A shoe wall was a must, because it's the hallmark of a functional closet. We like to go floor to ceiling with shoe boxes and always add our signature labeling for easy identification. Tip: If you have booties, use the men's shoe boxes. There are also boxes for boots and heels

The other transformative piece of any closet is uniform hangers. Since the closet was so bright and white, we opted for the ivory velvet hangers. It makes a WORLD of a difference and is always worth the investment. 

For the drawers, we used Stackers jewelry storage (the supersize) in a variety of combinations. They work as drawer inserts AND as stackable jewelry boxes so they are really versatile. 

We love love love how this closet turned out! If you have any questions, ask in the comments below!