When Pottery Barn asked us to pick some of our favorite organizational products, we tried our best to select a tightly edited list. Which is easier said than done since we could have easily selected half of the store. The 10 items we ultimately singled-out below, address the most common clutter challenges along with our tips for how to best use the product in your home.


1) Clive Utility Baskets

The Clive utility baskets come in a variety of sizes and designed to optimize shelving, bookcase units, a cubby system, or even stand alone on the floor. The dimensions and tight woven design allows you to contain and conceal items ranging from small toys and games, to mail and office supplies. We especially love that it comes with a lid! Once you you store your items (especially kids items!) they can be out of sight and out of mind.  

2) Beachcomber Extra Large Tote + Aubrey Baskets

Extra large floor baskets are a must-have in any home, and we generally keep at least one in each living space. They allow you to easily store blankets and pillows in the living room, or bulky toys in a playroom. By adding them throughout the house, you can quickly clean up any mess your family members leave behind, and they have the added benefit of making a room look polished and well-designed.


3) Glass Jewelry Cloche

Jewelry storage has traditionally been in the form of jewelry boxes or cases. While they remain great options, they can be problematic for delicate necklaces. The necklace cloche allows you to store necklaces without them getting tangled, and also adds a luxe element to your countertop. Pair the necklace cloche with the ring cloche to layer the dimensions, and increase your storage options.  

4) Frankie Sunglass and Watch Storage

Along with jewelry, sunglasses and watches can be tricky to store. Separate compartments are key to avoid scratching, and most jewelry cases don’t provide enough space for larger items. The Frankie Sunglass and Watch storage case gives you ample room, and the low profile design allows it to fit inside of a drawer or on top of a dresser as a valet.


5) Rhodes Canisters

Kitchen organization is our favorite, and a good collection of canisters is a must-have staple. We use them for baking ingredients, tea and coffee, and nuts and sweets. The Rhodes Canisters add functional storage and a clean aesthetic that matches any kitchen counter. Pro tip: Add your own label to the front by using a water based paint marker, or an oil based paint marker for a more permanent option!

6) Marble and Copper Lazy Susan

Turntables are one of the most versatile organizational tools, and the Marble and Copper Lazy Susan is a great option for any style kitchen. Placing it next to the stove will let you contain all your everyday cooking items and clean-up the countertop. Or if you prefer coffee to cooking, create a station for sugar canisters and coffee pods.


7) Lucy Entry Ladder

Ladders have become a great way to add storage to an entryway, bathroom, or living room. With the Lucy ladder, you can hang your jackets, towels, or blankets - but it also comes with an ace up its sleeve: A hanging basket. Use the basket to store everything from your wallet and keys when you walk in the door, or washcloths and hand towels for your guests. The versatility and chic design makes a perfect addition throughout the house.

8) Lucy Shoe Rack

To complement the Lucy Entry Ladder, we recommend the Lucy Shoe Rack. It provides a subtle suggestion to your guests about removing their shoes, while giving them a place to sit and store their items. The sleek design is compact enough for even the smallest entryway, so it’s a great option for all size homes.

9) Gabrielle Organizer System

The Gabrielle Organizer System is a complete game changer. The optional components are as smart as they are stylish and lets you customize your space based on your needs. The peg rail allows you to hang a drying rack, floating shelves for cleaning supplies, and even baskets for laundry. The components are so versatile that you can use them to create additional storage all over your house, whether it's in the pantry, a station for kids crafts, or an accessory wall in your closet.

10) Bedford Lazy Susan

The Bedford Lazy Susan is a perfect storage solution for any room in the house. You can use it on your desk for pens, pencils, and scissors - or in a kids room to hold glue sticks, markers, and crayons. If you’re feeling more creative, try it in the bathroom with cotton balls, q-tips, and hairbrushes - or on an entryway table to hold keys, wallet, and change. When you combine a turntable with divided compartments, you essentially end-up with an organizational silver bullet.

All of these products will help your home get organized, and STAY organized, for 2017. All it takes is some effort at the beginning, and ongoing maintenance will come easily. All the product links are in pink! And If you need any other tips, or have specific areas you’d like help with, let us know in the comments!



There are a million gift guides out there, but here is one to sooth your Type-A soul, and tame your OCD tendencies. And let's be honest, if you're reading our blog, you probably like things lined up, symmetrical, and in color-order. We totally get it, and we got your covered. 



Matching kitchen utensils gives the your drawers and countertops a finished look. Everything will look clean and organized and give you an opportunity to edit out pieces you no longer like or use. [5 piece set and utensil holder, Williams Sonoma // $89]


We organize a lot of kitchens.. and one of our favorite kitchen accessories, is actually a good hand towel. Whether its folded nicely in a drawer or hung on an oven door (this was not intended to rhyme, but it happened, so.. tis the season) Turkish-T towels just make everything look better. And once you have good towels, you'll be able to get rid of the ones you've been holding onto for (way) too long. [ Hand towels, Turkish-T // $19 each ] 


How on earth could we suggest gifts to help you streamline your home without mentioning our own products? Our custom spice jar sets add uniformity to your kitchen or pantry and are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. [ THE spice jars // $55 for 12 custom jars ]



We are huge proponents of color-coordinating books, but if we could just buy ALL of our books in perfectly color-coordinated order - that would work too. Whether you use these in your kids rooms or on the living room shelves, you'll achieve all the #ROYGBIV goals. [ Set of 11 Puffin Classics // $189 ]


Like it or not, our kids have toys. Which means we need to live with toys in our house. But they don't HAVE to be ugly plastic contraptions needing 12 batteries. This rainbow stacker can actually be rebuilt in a variety of ways (you honestly won't believe it but you can make everything from a dinosaur to a doll house) and looks cute while in-play, or sitting on a shelf. [ Grimm's Large Rainbow Stacker // $42.95 ]



Good jewelry storage is hard to find - particularly something that's pretty enough to leave out in the open. This jewelry box holds all your bits and baubles, and is chic enough to leave on top of your dresser or bathroom counter. [ Faceted Mirror Box, West Elm  // $127 ]



For whomever is married.. In the same way we need to resign ourselves to living with our kids toys, we also need to resign ourselves to living with our husbands STUFF everywhere. WHY is it always everywhere??? Ugh. Anyway.. for the holidays, get him something that helps streamline a space your share. We love this new set of grooming products because their clean look will give your bathroom / shower an instant upgrade. And just think of the 1 million other bottles you'll finally be able to throw out! [ Beast Box Gift Set // $88



Pet food is something people are always trying to hide in a cabinet or stash in a corner. It's unattractive and bulky. Getting a container that you can actually leave out, is a game changer for your space. [ Pet Food Canister, Pottery Barn // $69 ]



Finding unique gifts for new or expecting parents can be hard. How many bibs and blankets can any one person receive? We love this baby keepsake box because it holds all the special pieces from the newborn years, and is nice enough to leave on your bookshelf instead of the attic. [ Library Baby Keepsake Box, Savor // $79.95 ]



This acrylic ruler / phone holder / and card holder is a chic addition to almost any room. Whether it's for a teenagers bedroom, a kitchen counter, or a home office - this is an easy and versatile gift that fits perfectly into a stocking. [ Acrylic phone holder, The Container Store // $19.99

Happy Holidays, y'all! 

xo, THE


Pantries have always been our favorite thing to organize - but a fridge, which is kind of a pantry's cousin, can be just as fun. And the good news, is that an organized fridge is actually pretty simple to achieve. 


1. CLEAN IT OUT // No really. Take every single thing out. It will give you the opportunity to toss any old food (you are not going to eat those leftovers, just get rid of them), check expiration dates, and wipe down all the shelves. 


2. GROUP LIKE ITEMS // Once everything is emptied out of the fridge, create groupings: Dairy, Meat / Poultry, Veggies, Fruit, Snacks, etc. 

3. ALLOCATE THE SPACE // Divide your fridge into zones to match the categories you created. Make sure to leave a spot for food storage containers and leftovers! 


4. CONTAIN IT // Whether it's with food storage or fridge bins, it's always a good idea to have your items contained so they stay within their zone. Not only does it keep your fridge clean and uncluttered, but a defined space also helps you easily take stock of your items before heading to the grocery store. 


5. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL // Labeling helps identify the contents of your drawer or bin, and also helps you easily put away groceries. Your husband will not put the lettuce where the eggs are supposed to go if you add an appropriate label. To add permanent labels, we recommend a paint marker. For labeling something like cook times or expiration dates, we suggest a chalk marker so that you can easily update. 

The bottom line is an organized fridge requires discipline to maintain. You need to make the effort to put things back in their place, to not buy groceries you don't need or use, and to throw out old items on a regular basis. If you can give your fridge a refresh every 2-3 months, it will always look as good as it did on day 1!