Cords are the absolute worst, correct? The never-ending web of wires are a constant eye sore and a tangled mess 100% of the time. Wire warfare is very real, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to conceal and contain our nemesis. 


Placing a cable catch on your desktop or nightside table, will prevent your cable cords from falling to the floor every time (EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.) you unplug a device. Whether it's your laptop, phone, or tablet, you don't have fumble for the charger when you go to plug it back in later!


All electronics come with a huge amount of connected cords. Using a cord wrap or cable tie to gather the wires, helps prevent them from taking over your desk or media table. There are also a variety of colors you can use to identify different categories!

3. WIND IT. 

If you've never used a cable reel, then you're welcome. Because it's beneficial on a variety of levels. Cable reels allow you to wind-up cords to conceal them, to shorten them, and to keep them untangled. We especially love them for phone chargers and ear buds since it keeps your bags and drawers from cord chaos. 


4. DOCK IT. 

Multiple devices lead to multiple charging cables, so we always recommend setting up docking stations. Whether it's a side table, a floor basket, or a repurposed magazine rack, you can set-up all your devices to charge in a contained area. 



It's said in the south, "if it's not moving, monogram it." We believe in the organizing version, "if it's not moving, LABEL it." Labeling each cord plugged into a power strip helps you easily identify each item and keeps you from switching off your wifi when you just meant to unplug the printer. 

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There are a lot of Valentines Day gift guides out there. So we decided to make a treat yo self V Day edition of THE favorite things!

1. You Are Loved Trinket Tray

Trinket trays are great for holding jewelry, keys, change, and all the little bits and baubles. We love placing them in the bathroom, on nightstands, and in the entryway. 

2. Kitchen Tools

There's something about matching kitchen utensils to make you feel like a fully grown adult. Nothing mismatched, nothing from college.. it's like a dream come true for your drawer. We prefer all white silicone, or the all black collection from KitchenAid - but pick your color palette, and get yourself a new set! 

3. Minted Pinboards

We're obsessed with everything from Minted, but we just recently came across these pinboards. There are a ton of different prints that would fit a playroom, a mudroom, or in the kitchen command center. 

4. Agate Coasters

Our rule of thumb: Never have more people at your house than you have coasters for.  Moral of the story: Get really good coasters. 

5. Floor Bins

All playrooms and kids rooms should have great floor bins. You can fill them with dolls, or books, or any other bulky toy. They help clear up space and add to the room's decor. 

6. Simplified Planner

We have long been obsessed with Emily Ley and her line of planners. They are such a good way to prepare yourself daily, and organize all the aspects of your busy life. 

7. Wooden Trays

The new Modern by Dwell line at Target is giving us with ALL THE HEART EYES. These trays are an absolute must have and make a great addition to an entry way table or a coffee table. 

8. Kitchen Canisters

We are clearly fans of canisters, and even bigger fans of labeling. These kitchen canisters really get evvvverthing just right. 

9. Marble Utensil Holder

Trends come and go, but we like to believe that white marble is here forever. Containing your kitchen utensils with a marble holder instantly elevates your countertop, and holds your most-used items. 

10. Lazy Susan Art Caddy

The day we saw this rainbow turntable, we actually screamed out loud. OUT LOUD. It's a thing of beauty and we can't wait to use it in a million different ways! 

We love all y'all!

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When Gwyneth asked us to organize her pantry.... we were like, WE'LL BE RIGHT OVER. 

Our main goals were to 1) better utilize the door space, 2) group the most used categories into easy to access bins, and 3) use the top shelves for back stock items and lesser utilized canned goods. 




We used are a combination of the Large Montauk Basket in gray, and the Rectangular Montauk Kitchen Bins in gray. 


For the canned goods, we used Stacking Open Bins to take advantage of the height of each shelf. 


We opted for the Clear Divided Lazy Susan to hold all the oils and vinegars. The divisions allowed us to easily separate the different varieties, and the tall sides of the turntable kept all the bottles secure on the high shelf. 

FullSizeRender 8.jpg


To hold all the staples (dried fruit, nuts, and grains), we used 1.6 qt Hermetic Glass Storage Jars. For the smaller groupings, we used Canning Jars since the contents didn't take up as much space. 


We are known for our labeling, so we wanted to do a mix of applications for GP. On the baskets, we used White Bin Clips and black ink in our signature script. For all the jars, we opted for a white paint pen directly on the glass. To make notes on cook times or expiration dates, we used Dry Erase Labels that can be easily updated or removed over time. 

For a full list of our organizing tips and tricks, check out the full feature in goop